Student Testimonials

"I really enjoy the chance to learn and actually play with others.  It's more fun and sounds better than playing alone."
~Charlie, adult (Acoustic)

"I like all of the nice teachers."
~Sofi, 12 (Explo)

"I love how this program is challenging my son and teaching him in the style in which he learns best.  He loves to sit down at the piano at home and practice everything he is learning at the Music Academy."
~Mary, parent of Jack (Keys)

"Playing a musical instrument has always been a dream.  I am now 65 yrs of age and seeing the dream become real because of the Music Academy.  No musical background was required.  Wonderful and gifted instructors - Love it!"
~Linda, adult (Drums)

"I love it because we learn here!  There are nice teachers!  I am having fun!"
~Charlie, 7 (Explo)

"I love music theory!  Took three years of band and have already learned more here using the acronyms.  Also love learning a lot about playing bass as well as reading music for it."
~Chase, 15 (Bass)

"I love how open and fun the teachers are here at the Academy."
~Megan, 11 (Explo)

"The teachers know a lot and make learning fun and easy.  I feel like I come away each week with so many new skills and knowledge."
~Jennifer, adult (Acoustic)

"I like that the academy has lots of different instruments to play.  Drums were fun."
~Jack, 12 (Explo)

"I love getting back into playing/learning."
~Vicki, adult (Keys)

"I like learning everything that we do in theory.  I also like learning songs for guitar."
~Jordan, 13 (Electric)

"I enjoy the guitars because they are cool!!!!!!"
~Luke, 9 (Explo)

"I love best just the fact that I'm learning music and I'm in an awesome Christian environment.  I also just love playing the guitar!!!"
~Hannah, 11 (Acoustic)

"I like the fact that we get to play instruments and can play to Christian music."
~Samuel, 14 (Explo)

"I love that I get to learn among other peers and get to know them as I 'get to know' my instruments as well. :)"
~Emma, adult (Acoustic/Keys)

"I love it.  I have a lot of fun!"
~Lauren, 8 (Explo)

"I am enjoying the small class size in my Focus class, the effectiveness of the theory class, and the light out-of-class load."
~Calvin, 15 (Electric)

"I enjoy the chance to watch great musicians up close playing their instruments.  It gives me a chance to dream of what might be!"
~Bill, adult (Explo)

"It has been great to learn with others!  We all provide input and help each other out!  A lot of fun!"
~Michael, adult (Acoustic)

"I love it but I can't wait to sing.  I love singing.  But I love everything else too.  <3  Thank you!"
~Grace, 10 (Explo)

"I like learning "How Great Is Our God".  My teacher is a really great teacher too."
~Sarah, 11 (Vocal)

"What I like is that you get to play alot of different things."
~Trevor, 9 (Explo)

"I like all of the cool instruments that you have."
~Ryan, 12 (Electric)

"I love that you can do about every instrument."
~Andrew, 13 (Explo)

"I love all the teachers.  They are AWESOME!"
~Drew, 8 (Explo)

"What I am enjoying about the academy is that I am learning a lot more about voice than I ever have."
~Justine, 14 (Voice)

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